about emil

Hello and thanks for visiting my site! My name is Emil. I am an outdoorsman who enjoys cycling, fishing, hunting, climbing and many other activities. I’ve decided that I would start a blog to keep a fun record of my adventures with friends and dogs. Please join me while I attempt to make a fun and entertaining recap of our outings. I promise I’ll include as many pictures as possible 😉

I grew up and currently live in Albuquerque New Mexico with my beautiful wife. This area has a lot to offer to the outdoorsy lifestyle. I was hooked on fishing at an early age and in college picked up cycling, hunting and climbing. Over the past several years I have accumulated a lot of pictures and  stories. I was getting tired of just storing the pictures and only being able to tell the stories to close friends and family, so I thought why not try writing about them and trick people into reading it. Well, being a math person, the whole writing thing took a lot of coaxing. Hopefully I can get better as time goes on (in other words I am a grammatical nightmare!).

Myself on Mt. Whitney - Highest peak in the lower 48

Myself on Mt. Whitney – Highest peak in the lower 48




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